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April 12 - 18 2020

$1,999 Per Person
April 12 - 18 2020

only spots left at this price

From: $1,999 per person | April 12 - 18 2020
only spots left at this price

The Magic

Welcome to one of the most magical places on earth. This area, at the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas is known as The Heart of the World. Known for the famous Tayrona National Park, it is home to to the tallest mountain closest to the ocean and supports five lush rivers that run from the mountains to the sea. In this specific area the wildlife is abundant, hosting 20% of Colombia’s 1921 different bird species, the most in the world. Along with the abundance of nature, the indigenous tribes of the land are what creates a powerful and sacred experience unlike any other. Throughout the retreat, we will be immersed in the ancient wisdom of the Kogi people, who are considered protectors of the Earth. The Kogi’s will share their knowledge and lifestyle practices of how they aim to live in alignment with the planet and inspire us to do the same. We designed this trip to bring you to a place that feels far removed from every day life and yet connects you deeply to the thriving nature all around to create an experience where you can release the busy-ness, cleanse by the ocean and nourish with practices that draw you into the heart and with community. We want to take you into one of the most biodiverse places in the world and connect you to a culture that has been thriving in the mountains for centuries, and most importantly integrate their teachings on how we too, can better protect our planet.

A day on retreat

Retreat Itinerary


Each morning we'll have a juicy morning yoga practice in the sweet studio on the edge of the jungle and the sea. Classes will be designed to fit the group our teachers are experiences so that each class will be accessible and interesting to all levels.

Retreat Itinerary


We love eating at Gitana Del Mar. The food is absolutely amazing and each yoga/movement practice is followed by a delicious and healthy meal prepared by our chefs. All dietary needs can be satisfied and even if you're not coming for the food you'll leave obsessed with it.

Retreat Itinerary


While we encourage all guests to take advantage of the quiet, tropical paradise to wind down, reset the nervous system and recover from doing so much, we also think that real adventure and movement supports this, in the right dose. We'll do a full on hike in Tayrona National Park, a half day trip to a sacred water fall and swimming hole and plenty of optional excursions like horseback riding and hikes.

Our Teacher
Alexandra Ma

A createress, a singer, dancer and earth worshiper. Alexandra walks the world with an open heart and open mind, always playing the role as a student, gathering information to pass on. She lives with the aim to inspire others through song, embodiment, creativity, balance, travel and trust. Alexandra is co-founder of Shakti Sanctuary, a women's empowerment movement that threads together community at retreats and events worldwide. Alexandra calls her practice Universal Yoga. This combines Vinyasa and Hatha components with Kundalini elements of mantra and song. She approaches yoga as medicine. Bringing playfulness, intuition and grace to the practice, Alexandra works with her students to cultivate a deeply cleansing and powerful experience.

Alexandra Ma Retreat Teacher
Retreat Venue

The Venue

This stunning spa hotel is nestled in the foothills of Sierra Nevada, known to local tribes as the 'heart of the world', and where every single ecosystem on earth thrives.

Secluded and serene, sleep beneath a palm roof surrounded by spectacular mountains, star-studded skies and lulling ocean waters in extraordinary private huts on the beach.

Disconnect from the world in this eco-friendly utopia, eat fresh gourmet meals, and rejuvenate in the on-site spa with a therapeutic bath and massage.


A single bed in a spacious shared twin bungalow with a private bathroom and outdoor shower. Bungalows do not have AC or hot water.



Experience the Columbian coast with understated luxury in one of the Deluxe Bungalows, complete with Queen bed. These Bungalows do not have AC or hot water.





A comfy single bed in an earthy shared triple bungalow. Includes a private bathroom with an outdoor shower. Bungalows do not have AC or hot water.



A cosy single bed in a luxuriously furnished shared triple tent. There is a shared bathroom area with toilets and showers close by.



This yoga retreat in Colombia is located between the towns of Puerto Nuevo and Buritaca. We are a 1 hour and 15 minutes drive in private transport from the Santa Marta Airport. We are a 15 minute drive from the main entrance of the Parque Tayrona (Cañaveral).

Our nearby airports are:

  • Santa Marta (Domestic flights only) – 1 hour drive
  • Barranquilla International Airport (BAQ) – 2.5 hours drive
  • Cartagena International Airport (CTG) – 5 hours drive

Transfers to/from the retreat are not included, but we can help arrange them for you.


Marsol Van is the most affordable option and it takes about 5.5 hrs. The ONLY ones that leave from Cartagena and will drop you off right at Gitana del Mar leave Cartagena at 6:00am and 10:00am. Contact your hotel in Cartagena to organize the transport with Marsol Van for you.The Marsol Van from Cartagena to Gitana del Mar is about $80,000 COP ($26/$28 USD) per person. We can help you organize your trip from Gitana del Mar back to Cartagena once you arrive. The vans that leave Gitana del Mar and end in Cartagena leave around 9:00am and 3:00pm.

Private transport with Gitana’s trusted driver from Cartagena is $550,000 COP ($180 – $185 USD) and takes about 4.5 hrs.

If you take a large public charter bus from Cartagena to Santa Marta, we can help arrange transport from the Main Bus Terminal in Santa Marta to Gitana del Mar in a taxi with a trusted driver.


It’s easiest to take a private transfer. The cost is 350,000 COP ($115 – $120 USD). If you take a large public charter bus from Barranquila to Santa Marta, we can help arrange transport from the Main Bus Terminal in Santa Marta to Gitana del Mar in a taxi with a trusted driver.


It’s easiest to take a private transfer from here. This costs $20-40 a taxi.

  • 6 nights accommodation at Gitana Del Mar
  • 3 Delicious Meals Daily
  • All yoga & Movement classes with Lauren (1-2 daily)
  • 1 group tubing trip
  • 1 hike to sacred lagoon
  • 1 group hike in Tayrona National Park (if open)
  • Kogi Cermony
  • Yogascapes support staff
  • Optional activities (horseback riding, day trips, Kayaking, SUP), tips, massage, and extra food and drink are not included.
  • Neither Airfare nor Airport Transfers are included.

Yoga classes will be 1-2 times daily and all levels. Our teachers are amazing at creating classes that are both suitable for beginners and challenging for the more experienced! See above to get an idea of what Devon will be offering on this retreat.

The weather is warm and tropical all year long. Most of the months of the year are very dry. The months where we are likely to have some rain are: April, May, October, November, early December. It will typically rain in the early morning or in the evening/overnight. There can be days where it will rain all day, but they are few and far between. The months of December – Feb. tend to have the most favorable weather (not so hot during day with little humidity and a little cooler at night).

Yes, we have two dogs, Mia & Milu. They are very friendly and will accompany throughout your stay. If you do not like dogs, then Gitana del Mar might not be the best option for your vacation.

Mia will beg you to play with her by throwing a ball, coconuts, seeds, sticks etc. It is okay to play with her for a short time, however she has epilepsy and if she gets too agitated, she can have a seizure. We ask that you only play with her for a short time and do not take long walks on the beach with her. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Here in Colombia we use Colombian PESOS. Please bring Cash in Pesos with you.

Between $500,000 – $800,000 COP ($150-300). This will help cover your tours, transports, tips for staff and guides, some of your bill upon check out etc. WE DO NOT ADVISE TO BRING US DOLLARS OR EUROS. IT IS EASIER TO USE YOUR ATM CARD AND TAKE OUT COLOMBIAN PESOS.

The closest ATM is in Santa Marta (1 hour away). Please get cash out in the airport or in the city of Santa Marta on your way here.

Tour prices range from $60,000 COP – $250,000 COP per person depending on the tour/adventure.

  •  bathing suits
  • yoga clothes
  •  flip flops
  • shoes for hikes (like sneakers or tevas)
  • light long pants for evenings (It can get cooler in the evenings)
  •  long sleeve t-shirts or rash guard to shield from sun when you go river tubing (not necessary but helpful)
  • sun hat
  • sun glasses
  • sunblock
  • bug repellent
  •  books to read on time off or journal to write
  • Reusable plastic water bottle (BPA Free)
  • flashlight or headlamp
  • Camera, Go Pro

The ocean (Caribbean Sea) on our beach is a wild and open ocean. It can be rough with big waves and strong currents. There is always some current, even if the waves are small. It is not recommended for young children to swim when it is rough and to never be in the ocean without parent supervision. There are no lifeguards on the beach and you must always take caution when entering the ocean. Swim at your own risk.

NO, we do not have Air Conditioning (A/C). Gitana del Mar resort an eco-resort, with a focus on lower energy consumption. Each room has high quality ceiling fans and good ventilation.

No, our bathrooms do not offer hot water. As an eco-resort focusing on lower energy consumption, we do not offer hot water. The water that comes out of the showers is not too cold and depending on the time of the day it can be closer to room temperature.

Our kitchen prepares fresh and healthy food in a variety of different styles. Our Chef’s Daily Menu offers a new and different menu option daily. Our plates feature fish, seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes. Our menu focuses on Colombian ingredients and traditional preparations with American, Thai and Mediterranean flavors and influences.

Please let us know via email about your food allergies and preferences upon booking and securing your reservation.

Each Bungalow has a maximum capacity for 3 Adults. If there are small children traveling and staying in the same room as their parents, we can bring an extra mattress on the floor for a child, or a foldable baby crib.

You can order drinks, cocktails, beers and wine from our Bar until about 11 pm. After that you can walk to the only beach bar around Koralia Bar which is only 10 minutes away down the beach from Gitana del Mar. There are no public restaurants, no nightlife and no party scene here.