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Peru | Wellness & Wonder in The Sacred Valley


September 20 - 26 2020

$2,395 Per Person
September 20 - 26 2020

only 9 spots left at this price

From: $2,395 per person | September 20 - 26 2020
only 9 spots left at this price

The Magic

This adventure in Peru is full of magic and awe, lush clean air and nature, a sharpening of your trust and intuition, an awakening of your adventurous spirit, and unique heart-opening and mind-expanding experiences. You'll experience a richness of culture and connection, a tonifying of both physical and subtle body from the land, yoga, hiking, nourishment, joy and community. The journey will be filled with sacred temples, mystical historical sites, inspiring stories, passion, nature, exceptional people, local food, market place art, and more. You will re-ignite our curiosity for life, commitment to self-love and to daily movement and ritual. You will learn and respect the ways of the locals, and step out of your typical box, which can be so life-changing! The Sacred Valley is part of many people’s spiritual journey. It is a place that embraces and challenges you. It is a place that calls you into your purpose by putting you in touch with an ancient civilization that was so in touch with theirs and whose descendants still embrace their wisdom. This trip was created to give you the most authentic version of this sacred place as possible, while offering a safe and beautiful movement and spiritual practice to support and enrich the journey.
Peru | Wellness & Wonder in The Sacred Valley

A day on retreat

Retreat Itinerary


Your retreat will be filled with daily yoga & movement custom to your specific group and adapted for whatever is happening during your journey. Our teachers are experienced enough to hold space for groups of all levels and are always looking for what each individual needs.  

Retreat Itinerary


Food is always a highlight on our retreats, however Peru is one of our favorite places to eat in the world. We'll have healthy retreat food every day, with opportunities to try other local cuisine and a special trip to one of THE best restaurants in the world, MIL CENTRO.

Retreat Itinerary


People come to Peru for healing, for cultural experiences, for tapping into the spiritual. It's a once in a lifetime kind of journey so we've planned the most amazing excurions for you, while keeping in mind time to rest and integrate everything that you experience. Machu Picchu, Moray agricultural ruins and Maras salt mines, cacao ceremony, and more!

Retreat Itinerary


Staying at Willka T'ika means access to amazing bodyworkers and healing sessions including bathing in the solar baths and more. The space is designed around a 7-Chakra garden, so even just a quiet walk around the gardens feels soothing to the soul.

Our Teacher
Yogascapes Teacher

YOGASCAPES works with exceptional yoga teachers from around the world. It’s our vision to provide the highest quality yoga experience for both beginner and experienced travelers. Our retreats are all levels and there’s nothing more important than working with experienced teachers that can offer a unique and powerful teachings that integrate your experience as a whole into the yoga practice and radiates from your yoga practice back into your daily life.  Each one of our teachers custom creates the classes and themes to suit the location, time of year and especially the unique set of students that find their way to our retreats.

If you’re seeing this, we’ll be updating this page with the specific teacher shortly. In the meantime, please visit our About page to learn more about our current teachers:

Yogascapes Teacher Retreat Teacher
Retreat Venue

The Venue

Willka T’ika is an exquisite sanctuary for cultivating well-being. Its peaceful energy and mystical surroundings offer a wonderful connection to Mother Nature, revered by the Quechua as Pachamama. Willka T’ika prides itself on serving the spiritual and cultural needs of all guests—nearby ancient Inkan ruins, ceremonial sites, temples and an abundance of cultural activities beckon.

If you are attending on your own and select shared accommodation you will be paired with an awesome roommate.

Private Twin or Double

Perfect for friends or couples, these rooms come with either two twin beds or one Double bed and an en-suite bathroom.

Private Twin or Double

Single Bed in a Shared Triple

Your own single bed in a shared triple room with a private bathroom.

Single Bed in a Shared Triple

Premium Private Twin or Double

For friends or couples that want some extra space, these rooms come with either one shared Double bed or separate twin beds and a private bathroom.

Premium Private Twin or Double

Single Bed in a Shared Twin

A shared room for two, with twin beds and an en-suite bathroom.

Single Bed in a Shared Twin

Single Bed in a Shared Premium Twin

An extra-spacious single bed in a shared twin room with private en-suite bathroom.

Single Bed in a Shared Premium Twin


This retreat is one of our more active retreats, including a lot of beautiful hiking that will empower and bond us as a group. You will have support a long the way and the hikes are well worth the cultural and natural experiences they offer.

Each day on our retreat will be considered in our yoga practice. Our focus each day will provide a perfect balance to the day’s activities and the various sacred environments we will be in. On more active retreat days, the yoga class will lovingly prep the body to feel spacious, restored, aligned and open for an adventure. And on days with less hiking we will rev up our practice with more heat to build strength, trust and intuitive centering from the inside out. Each class will include some pranayama and meditation.

Arrivals: Please fly into Cusco. We will have an included shuttle at 2pm on Sept 14, so please plan to arrive into Cusco by then. Group pick up will be arranged from a central point near Plaza de Armas, in Centro Historico.

We highly suggest arriving a night or two early if possible or staying on to explore Machu Picchu and Cusco and to acclimate or to stay on after the retreat. Transfers to the Willka Tika are included during the group timeframe, but will cost extra if you arrive outside of the scheduled time frame. Yoga and opening circle begins at 5:30pm and dinner will be at 7:30pm. Please share your flight details here so we can we aware of your arrival time and any delays.

Departures: Transfers back to the airport or central locations in Cusco  on the 20th are included. Please book your flight for 12pm or later. Transfers for flights earlier than 12pm will not be included but will be arranged.

If you’re arriving early, there are many hotels, we can recommend the following, just make sure they are easy access to our meeting point at the main plaza:

El Balcon, Hotel Illa, Fallen Angel, Rumi Wasi, Casa San Blas, Palacio Del Inka, The Tierra Viva Hotels (centro)

- All Breakfasts & Dinners, some lunches not included

- 6 nights/7 Days accommodation at Eco-luxury Retreat

- Day trip to Machu Picchu ( including all train, bus, entrance and guide fees)

- Lunch at arguably the best food experiences in the world

- Visit to Maras / The agricultural labratory of the Incas

- Tour of Moray / Salineros salt mines with Beautiful Picnic Lunch

- Traditional Despacho Ceremony

- Sound Healing & Cacao Cermony

- Visit to Ollantaytambo on way back from MP

- All transportation during the retreat, including group airport drop off on the final day.

Arrival transfer to hotel, some lunches on retreat, optional massage and healing sessions, tips, and extra food and drink are not included.

Peru’s climate can be divided into two seasons: wet and dry. The weather varies greatly depending on the geographical region. We will be traveling at the end of the dry season. In the Andes, the dry season lasts from May through November. However in recent years the weather has fluctuated and a poncho or good rain jacket is advised throughout the year. During November a few scattered showers followed by sunshine can be expected. The weather is very mild. We will be at varying degrees of elevation throughout the journey (5000-11,500 feet) so layers are key. You can expect 50 degrees at night and as high as 80 degrees during the day especially when we are in the high jungle (camping).

For our November expedition, definitely bring good waterproof raingear and waterproof walking shoes or boots. Bring ONLY casual & comfortable exercise clothes and comfortable shoes/boots. It is highly recommended to have very comfortable walking shoes. Whatever that means for you….. hiking boots, athletic shoes, teva sandals, vibrams. They need to have a good tread on them. If you are buying new shoes or boots for the trip, be sure to break them in ahead of time so you know that they are comfortable. It is highly recommended that you can get out on a few (or many) hikes prior to our departure in the shoes you plan to wear. Clothes that dry quickly are handy. Laundry can be done inexpensively but will not always be an option while we are “on the road.” On outings, weather often changes during the day and wearing layers works the best.

When we are hiking in the sacred valley, it is possible that it will get quite warm and you may want to wear shorts and a tee shirt during the day. Layers are key! You will also need a bathing suit and towel. Depending on the health of your knees, you might consider bringing “hiking poles” or knee and ankle support wraps as well. A complete list is below.

We have a well-paced, exciting adventure planned with many activities throughout our 7 days together. You may choose NOT to participate in any activity at any time during the retreat.  However, on this particular adventure it is much easier for everyone if we all stick together and with the planned itinerary since we are traveling to remote areas and making optional plans other than choosing a day of rest, will be challenging. Please note if you choose to make an alternative plan, you will be personally and financially responsible for any additional arrangements and costs incurred if you choose to do something other than what is planned for our group (such as transport, entrance fees etc). All activities and transportation are included in this YOGASCAPES adventure but if you voluntarily choose a different option, you are responsible for any costs.

This experience is for those who take responsibility for themselves and embrace the opportunity to expand their beliefs, dissolve limited thinking and awaken their heart to a perspective of vibrant health and blissful living. Those who tend to complain, blame others and fear life will find this experience to be outside their natural comfort zone. Peru is rustic. This journey takes courage. This experience will expand and awaken you. The benefits are HUGE. Through this sacred journey you will emerge lighter, brighter and clearer than ever before!!!  You create your own experience through your response to each situation.

There will be several options such as vegetarian, gluten free, etc and we can accommodate most dietary concerns.

We will be traveling at an altitude of 5,000-11,500ft. Upon arrival, RESTING, HYDRATING, eating lightly and avoiding alcohol the first few days helps tremendously! Some travelers do experience altitude sickness. To handle altitude symptoms, we recommend purchasing readily available coca leaves in Cusco to make a tea or chew to assist with the altitude adjustment. It is important to rest when you first arrive and drink a lot of water to acclimate on the first day. The first several days of the retreat are low key with lots of yoga to support you in the adjustment as well as down time before we start our more adventurous hiking.

Bottled water is available everywhere in Peru. Even on some of the remote trails we will be on, there are families that live near by that will have bottled water for sale.

If you’re traveling to Peru as a tourist, there’s a good chance that you won’t need to apply for a visa before you leave home. Many tourists can enter Peru with a valid passport and a Tarjeta Andina de Migración (TAM), depending on your nationality. If you are coming from the United States or Canada, you only need a valid passport and a TAM. If you are coming from any other country, please do your own research to see if you will need a VISA to enter Peru. This is your responsibility and there are countries such as India that DO require a Visa process.

When you enter Peru, be it by air, land or water, you will need to fill out the TAM or Andean Migration Card. For most tourists, including legal citizens of the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK, a completed TAM, along with a valid passport, is all that’s needed to enter Peru for a maximum of 183 days (for exceptions and further information, read, “Do You Need a Tourist Visa for Peru?”

If you arrive by air, your flight attendant will give you a TAM before landing (most International flights will land at Lima's Jorge Chávez International Airport). From Lima, you’ll take a quick flight to Cusco (less than a 1 hour flight.). The form is in Spanish and English.

You need a power plug adapter in Peru, when living in the United States of America. You also need a voltage converter.

In Peru the power sockets are typically of type A (two flat prongs) and sometimes C (two round prongs). The standard voltage is 220 V and the standard frequency is 60 Hz. Travelers will require a voltage converter for 110 volt devices.

Important information: US currency with rips or tears will not be accepted in Peru neither will $1 bills. We highly recommend going to your bank in advance and requesting NEW BILLS before our journey to Peru. No one in Peru will accept a bill with even the tiniest tear in it! The banks and no one else in the country accept one dollar bills. Bring US currency in $20-100 denominations, as crisp and new as possible without rips or tears. We suggest that you wait until you arrive in Peru to exchange large sums of money. We also recommend that you don’t buy Peruvian money in your home country, as the exchange rate is very poor.

We suggest that you bring a flat fabric money holder to wear around your waist and under your clothing. It should hold your passport and money and can be bought in any travel store or online. There is not a huge incidence of pickpocketing where we are going, but it is definitely a good idea to be on the safe side!

Attention shoppers Peru has markets filled with tempting goods. If you like to shop, when you see all the Andean offerings, you may want to buy a variety of beautiful handwoven goods, wall hangings, ceramics, CDs, jackets and ponchos are very good value as are hand knitted alpaca sweaters and silver jewelry. Woolen gloves and hats are colorful and very inexpensive. Andean musicians sell CDs in support of their music. If you like to shop, remember to bring an extra folding duffel bag to carry the goods home!

It is customary to tip guides, healers, musicians, drivers, cooks, porters, waiters and assistants in Peru. We kindly request that each of you bring approximately $100 usd in cash (or Peruvian Soles once you convert your money) in an envelope for tips to give to Aarona at the beginning of the retreat. We will pool this money together to tip the approximately thirty people who will assist us throughout the Adventure including our local guides, Chefs, hotel staff and porters.

If international: Yes, YOGASCAPES requires each trip member to purchase individual travel insurance for their trip. We suggest that you include “cancel for any reason” with your policy. You must purchase travel insurance that includes medical coverage.

We highly recommend packing light. You will have to carry your own baggage at times and heavy luggage is a nuisance for you and others.Leave unnecessary “stuff” at home so that it does not distract you from the Peru experience. We will always have a landing place so you will not have to carry more than your day-pack while we are hiking. However, having just one small to medium sized roller bag or duffel is highly recommended for the most ease and grace throughout the journey. For your incoming flights, please label each piece of luggage clearly with your name, home country address, email address and phone number.

- Passport (check that it will be valid) and copy that you keep separately

- Visa not required for US but research it if you are coming from another country

- Yoga mat!

- Yoga & exercise clothing- (multiple pairs)

- Comfortable walking shoes/lightweight hiking boots

- Slip on shoes/Sandals for around hotels

- Comfortable socks

- Swimsuit (multiple pairs)

- Casual Clothing & Warm layers (long sleeve, jacket, sweats)

- Journal and Pen

- A good book or two

- Rain jacket/poncho & Plastic bags for packing

- Snacks – Bring anything you know you’ll want to be snacking on so that if the food doesn’t sit well with you you’ll have some back up. Always good to have some granola bars etc.

- Imodium ad or similar for upset stomachs

- Water bottle to refill

- Sunscreen & Hat & Sun Glasses & Lip Balm

- Bug repellent (highly recommend)

- Moisturizer/ Aloe / Coconut Oil

- Hand sanitizer gel or wipes

- Flashlight or headlamp and extra batteries (path is lit, but extra light is nice)

- Camera & Chargers

- Digital Alarm Clock or Watch

- Quick dry towel

- Small day backpack (highly recommended)

- Hat/Cover up

- Hair ties

- Ear plugs

- Toiletries (bring soap/shampoo etc.)

- Mini personal first aid kit

- Credit Card, Debit Card, (check foreign transaction fees – Capital One usually is good)

- Cash for gratuities, purchases, optional excursions and treatments. We suggest about $10/day.

- Open heart & sense of adventure